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We at Parasnath have been always at the forefront when it comes to adopting quality initiatives. As a part of our commitment to to provide ultimate value and quality to our customers we have adopted the Six Sigma Plus quality strategy. Six Sigma has now become one of the most highly respected strategies when it comes to measuring excellence.

Six Sigma plus is an overall strategy to accelerate improvements in all processes, products and services, and reduce the punitive cost of poor quality through elimination of waste and reduction of defects and variations.

The standard operates by providing a measurement of how effective the organization is in eliminating defects and variations from processes. To meet its requirements, a process must operate at 3.4 defects or less per million opportunities. This equates to 99.9997% error free.

Application of Six Sigma methodology to all business processes delivers greater value to customers and makes Parasnath a more desirable business partner.
 Parasnath Electronicswas  established  in 1994 and since then it has lived upto its reputation of being the most reliable Company in its sphere of operation. We have well equipped setup of manufacturing unit in Delhi. PE is having experienced and truly efficient engineers and workers.From its  beginnings   Parasnath Electronics  has progressed to become a diversified industrial enterprise and a leading manufacturer in sensing technology, intrinsic safety technology and oil refueling cards. We develop, manufacture, and provide products and services in different continents  including India.
We’re proud of our company, our heritage, and our legacy of consistent achievement, innovation, and distinction. 

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